Floating Lanterns at the 2014 Hiroshima, Nagasaki Lantern Ceremony

Lantern Ceremony 2014

Lanterns for Peace August 6th 2014

The Story Children, part of the Peace Banner Project

Vote for Peace

Peace and Justice Festival and Walk 2015-June 13, 2015...

Peace and Justice Festival and Walk 2015-June 13, 2015 at Vimy Ridge Park

Project Peacemakers is closing down May 31, 2016

Thank you to everyone who has supported Project Peacemakers through our 33 years of working for Peace.  After many hours of deliberation the previous and interim boards of Project Peacemakers have determined that the project cannot continue.

The reasons are many, but they all point in the same direction. The core of dedicated volunteers does not feel able to continue, and while we have canvassed a wide community of similar groups, as well as calling meetings of our own members, none have the time or energy to re-invigorate Project Peacemakers. Our primary source of staffing, the MCC volunteer placement program, has had to scale back its operations; our key funders have reduced or stopped funding entirely. 

While it is always sad to have to end a wonderful ride, we have had a grand trip.  We marched, studied, lobbied, educated, informed, collaborated and published, leading the work for peace and justice in our city.  Some of our supporters were arrested for their protests.  Some went jail for standing with those at peril of their lives.  The RCMP warned us about the danger of being infiltrated by communists.  We launched lanterns for peace, sang for peace, had Eco-dinners for peace and held festivals for peace.

We helped thousands of school children to imagine and create beautiful stories and art about a future of peace and justice, social inclusion and respect for the earth. 

 So now we are ending that grand ride, and finding homes for as much of our work to continue as possible.  An interim board is in place to make all the final arrangements for closing, which we expect to take place at the end of May. In the meantime, if you need to contact Project Peacemakers, please use our interim email address projectpeacemakerswinnipeg@gmail.com or leave a message on our voicemail at 204 775 8178.

 When we are done, we are going to have a party, perhaps a grand pot-luck, where we can tell stories, share memories and celebrate 33 years of working for peace and justice. The date is Saturday, May 7th and the place  St. Paul’s Fort Garry.  We will fill you in on the details closer to that date, but PLEASE plan on coming, share a story, bring some pictures of past events, and bring a pot of something good.

Finally, thanks for your generous donations for which you will receive a tax receipt as usual. Now we ask you to consider directing your passion for supporting peace-making to another group, such as Peace Alliance Winnipeg.  Project Peacemakers has worked with Peace Alliance for many years, and they are good workers for peace. Please take a look at their website, and consider supporting Peace Alliance as they continue on with the programs we worked on together, such as the Peace Festival and Walk, and the Lanterns for Peace Ceremony.



Letter from Peace Alliance Winnipeg: